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UTOPIC0DE, Recruitment Dashboard

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Product Designer
Aug - Sep 2021

Tech recruitment in Latin America. Where companies find you, not the other way around.

Founded in 2020, UTOPIC0DE is a London-based start-up that brings together and upskills tech talent from Latin America, ultimately matching them with global job opportunities.
The existing recruitment process is lengthy, inefficient, and expensive, because communication between parties is manual and spread across several platforms.

This just isn’t scalable.

As a team of three designers we were tasked with creating a solution that allows hiring companies to easily source and hire skilled tech talent.Whilst reducing the dependancy on manual, time consuming recruitment proccesses.

How the problem was solved

As we were looking at a journey that the UTOPIC0DE recruitment team currently facilitates for hiring managers, we decided to start by interviewing the following users:

  • Daniela - Head of Recruitment at UTOPIC0DE
  • Four Hiring managers that have recently worked with UTOPIC0DE

After sythesysing the interview notes we found:

  • Hiring managers want to be able to clearly see that a candidates skills match the job spec, as well as track the candidates progress through the recruitment process without the help of UTOPIC0DE.
  • UTOPIC0DE wanted to reduce the back and forth between recruiters and hiring managers so that the recruitment business model could be scaled up.

After a design studio with our users, we came up with three core solutions:

  1. A recruitment dashboard that hiring managers can use to track candidates,
  2. An accompnying onboarding flow,
  3. A redesigned developer profile cards that live in the “Talent pool”.

Take a look at the prototype


  • UTOPIC0DE have agreed to implement our design changes in their next coding sprint.
  • We have been hired for another sprint with UTOPIC0DE to work on improving the experience that developers have in their platform. With a strong focus on building a community and developing another revenue stream.

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