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Perfect Fit, Sneaker Measuring App

My Role
Product Designer
July-Aug 2021

Perfect Fit.

The confidence you need to buy sneakers online.

What if you always knew what size sneaker to buy, without trying it on? Would you be more likely to purchase them?

This is a question I have been asking myself for years. Constantly having to go into a physical store to see how well a shoe will fit just became impossible. There must be a better way to solve this problem, especially during a pandemic.

How the problem was solved

Sneaker collectors and fans are often under time limits when purchasing limited number releases of sneakers. With online raffles shoppers don’t have the liberty of being able to try on the shoe. They need to make a decision now and whilst online.

I decided to focus on the Sneaker collector and fan segment of the shoe market. This helped to focus the problem further as focusing on other styles of shoe such as heels and boots came with further complexities.

Having identified a user segment, I jumped straight into interviews to validate the problem.

The results were just as I had thought:

  • Shoppers currently size up when buying online,
  • Shoppers buy a couple pairs of sneakers hoping one of them will fit.
  • Shoppers miss out on the latest sneakers all together when they can’t pick the right size within the online raffles time limit.

Through competitive analysis it was clear that there are a few other competitors in the market. These competitors all had solutions for measuring a foot and providing shoe size recommendations.

However, for some reason I didn’t feel confident that the size recommendations were going to be accurate. Something was off.

I decided to run moderated tests. The users confirmed that they lacked confidence with the onscreen size reccomendations. When probed further, I found that users turn to the sneaker community on Youtube and on forums for advice on sizes when they want a more accurate reccomendation.

With this information I focused on three core solutions:

  1. Beautifully designed app that matches the aesthetic sneaker heads are used to
  2. Core ability to measure a foot and provide sizing recommendations
  3. Leveraging the community to provide more accurate and confidence instilling recommendations

Take a look at the prototype


  • Users trusted Perfect Fit’s size recommendations more than competitors
  • Users enjoyed building their collection of sneakers and providing information on how their sneakers fit for their foot
  • Users enjoyed being able to view other sneaker fan’s collections

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