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On Top of the World, Calendar App

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Web Designer
May-Jun 2021

On top of the World. A smarter way to manage your time.

Managing your time shouldn’t be so difficult, there must be a smarter way to manage your time.

This project was brought on by a problem my user, Matt, goes through on a daily basis.

Managing my time has always been an up hill battle. Theres always too much to do and not enough time. Oh and don’t get me started on when plans change...

Matt, the ambitious active type, needs a way to plan his weekly activities whilst remaining open to curve balls because he wants to achieve his health, relationship and domestic goals, all while reducing the stress and fatigue of constantly re-planning.

How the problem was solved

To understand Matt’s problem in more detail I wanted to get a better view of his busy schedule. I asked him to walk me through a day in his life so I could create a journey map. This excercise helped me to understand his daily pain points and frustrations so that my solutions were focused on his needs.

Matt’s core problems were:

  • He often forgets to communicate changes to his plans with his friends and family. For example, Matt’s wife is often upset with him when he works through lunch and forgets to let her know that they can’t go on their daily dog walk.
  • He struggles to get a big picture view of his day or week which make moving events to other days even more difficult.
  • He doesn't always know when he wants to move an event to, he just knows that it needs to be moved.

After looking at competitors in the calendar and task management space, none of them allowed Matt to be able to move events with ease. I decided to focus on this problem in more detail, as well as the folowing solutions:

  1. Ability to share calendar events with friends and family, as well as updating them when those plans are changed or cancelled
  2. Summary view of his day / week so that he can make quick changes to his plans
  3. Smart and autonomous movement of events

Take a look at the prototype


  • Matt is now able to move events easily using “Smart suggestions” that are based on his recent activity. For example, moving his lunch time dog walk to later in the day (a common replacement for his afternoon walk)
  • Matt has  a summary of his daily activities for a big picture view of his day and week
  • Matt’s friends and family are sent notifications when his plans change

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